Dassault Falcon 2000LXS

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With a range increased to 4,000 nautical miles, the 2000LXS is identical in appearance to the 2000S but includes additional features such as 'FalconCabin HD+', a new cabin management and entertainment system, with audio/video on demand and mobile device connectivity. 22 inch cabin monitors offer video playback, operate optional electronic window shades and adjust lights and temperature. As with all other current Falcon aircraft, the cockpit features the 'EASy II' avionics system, with advanced displays, navigation features and workload-reducing features such as synthetic vision. Advanced Head Up Displays are also available.

Variable cost hr $3,090
Cabin height 1.9m
Cabin width 2.3m
Cabin length 8.0m
Baggage vol. int. 131 cu ft
Seats - executive 10
Range - seats full 3,817nm
Max. range 4,255nm
Max. cruise speed 482kts
Engines 2
Engine model PW308C