Airbus A321

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The 44.5m-long A321 offers approximately 35 more seats than the A320 with only a minor reduction in range. It shares the same flight deck with its smaller siblings allowing pilots to obtain one type-rating to fly all four variants. Lufthansa and Alitalia were the first customers to take delivery of this stretched model in January and March of 1994, respectively, and has since delivered 1,230 airframes to airlines including Vietnam Airlines, X and Y.

2019 will see the first delivery of the A321LR (long range) which will allow Airbus to compete on routes currently served by the Boeing 757 which is no longer in production.

Primary operators of this type include Air China, American Airlines, and Lufthansa.

Fuselage Length (m) 44.5
Tail Height (m) 11.8
Wingspan (m) 35.8
Max Take Off Weight (lb) 206,100
Max Range (nm) 3,200 NM
Max Operation Mach No 0.82
Max Configuration 236
Typical Configuration 185
Engines 2
Engine Models GE CFM56, V2500
Primary Operators Air China, American Airlines, Lufthansa