Airbus A340-300

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The A340-300 was Airbus’ initial variant of the A340, launched in 1987, and shares the same fuselage and wing with the smaller A340-200. It typically flies up to 295 passengers a distance of approximately 6,700 nautical miles. Airlines have gradually retired this airframe in favour of twin-engine models, with their enhanced reliability and fuel efficiency. 

Primary operators of the A340-300 include Air France, Lufthansa, and Swiss.

Fuselage Length (m) 63.7
Tail Height (m) 16.9
Wingspan (m) 60.3
Max Take Off Weight (lb) 609,000
Max Range (nm) 7,300 NM
Max Operation Mach No 0.86
Max Configuration 440
Typical Configuration 277
Engines 4
Engine Models CFM56-5C4/P
Primary Operators Air France, Lufthansa, Swiss