Boeing 747-400F

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Boeing’s cargo version of the 747-400 retains the updated avionics and wing structure of its passenger counterpart, the upper deck is shorter and there are no windows other than in the cockpit. The -400F is equipped with a nose-loading door, whereby the entire nose swings upwards allowing cargo to be loaded from the front as well as from the side.

The 747-400F first entered service in 1993 with European operator, Cargolux, with the last model delivered to ANA Cargo in 2008.

Primary operators of the 747-400F include Air Bridge Cargo, Polar Air Cargo, and Atlas Air.

Fuselage Length (m) 70.7
Tail Height (m) 19.4
Wingspan (m) 64.4
Max Take Off Weight (lb) 875,000
Max Range (nm) 4,445 NM
Max Operation Mach No 0.92
Max Configuration N/A
Typical Configuration N/A
Engines 4
Engine Models PW 4062, GE CF6-80C2B5F, RR RB211-524H
Primary Operators Air Bridge Cargo, Polar Air Cargo, Atlas Air