Boeing 777-200ER

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The 777-200ER is an extended range version of the original 777-200 with a maximum range of 7,730 nautical miles, almost 2,500 nautical miles more than its predecessor. Whilst the first 777-200 delivery was in 2005, the -200ER first took flight with British Airways two years later in 2007, since which time an addition 421 airframes have been delivered to 33 different airlines.

As with all 777s, it is easily identifiable whilst on the ground by its 6-wheeled main landing gear and lack of wingtips.

Primary operators of the 777-200ER include American Airlines and British Airways.

Fuselage Length (m) 63.7
Tail Height (m) 18.5
Wingspan (m) 60.9
Max Take Off Weight (lb) 656,000
Max Range (nm) 7,065 NM
Max Operation Mach No 0.89
Max Configuration 440
Typical Configuration 313
Engines 2
Engine Models PW 4090, GE90-94B, RR 895
Primary Operators American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines