Boeing 777-300ER

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First delivered in 2004, the 777-300ER is Boeing’s best-selling 777 variant, with more than 630 airframes delivered as of March 2016. It offers 10% better fuel burn over the smaller models, whilst carrying 400 passengers almost 7,370 nautical miles.

The 777-300ER is powered by GE90-115B turbofan engines, the most powerful engines manufactured, and which are only marginally smaller in diameter than the fuselage cross-section of a 737. Whilst the -300ER shares the same six-wheeled main landing gears as the -200ER and -200LR, it can be distinguished by the addition of a 5th emergency exit along the fuselage.

Primary operators of the 777-300ER include Emirates and Cathay Pacific.

Fuselage Length (m) 73.9
Tail Height (m) 18.5
Wingspan (m) 64.8
Max Take Off Weight (lb) 775,000
Max Range (nm) 7,370 NM
Max Operation Mach No 0.89
Max Configuration 550
Typical Configuration 396
Engines 2
Engine Models GE90-115B1
Primary Operators Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Air France